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It’s a story of two women. You could call these women “Twin Souls” because they were born on the same day, in the same hospital, at almost the same time …

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What does this mean? Quite simply:

Same Date + Same Time + Same Location = Same Spiritual Profile!

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Both women were born on the same day … and into very good circumstances. Circumstances which ensured they had the right surroundings, family and experiences to help them achieve their life’s purpose.

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Each woman also brought great gifts with them into this life… the kind that can create an incredible reality, full of happiness, abundance and success (especially because they were both spiritually the same)

Throughout youth and early adulthood, both knew they were meant for something “bigger” … something more. Something special.

And this “something” called to them constantly from the deepest parts of their soul.

Yet, while both came equally prepared, if you were to meet these two women today, you would simply not imagine they shared the characteristics of “Twin Souls”.

Here’s What Happened…


Where one woman saw opportunity for growth and evolution, the other saw only obstacles too big to overcome.

Most importantly: Where one woman aligned intuitively with her truest nature, the other got “lost” on the path of her life unable to find her way back.

And just as you are wisely suspecting, the woman who maintained her alignment with her True Nature has gone on to live quite an extraordinary life … While the other has experienced far too much disappointment, struggling to achieve even the smallest of victories.

Now, I’m sure you’ve read stories like this before: Two people, equally gifted, yet living drastically different lives.

And just like those other tales, there is a reason for these significantly different outcomes.

What Made the Difference?

There are times in everyone’s life when challenges can feel exhausting and life-changing choices must be made …

While none of us want to face difficult choices, the truth is, when you are “in tune” with your True Nature, you can make the kind of wise choices which lead to opportunity … rather than the choices which lead to more struggle.

Like coming to a fork in the road: Your choices always lead to specific results. It’s the path you choose which makes all the difference!

Therefore, being in tune with who you truly are is so very important.

See, as a woman with internal strength, your ability to turn challenges into opportunities is what will determine your future. And to do that requires a simple, yet often overlooked fact: Alignment with your truest nature is essential.

Without alignment, you simply cannot make the choices which will lead you to happiness & success.

See, those who live healthier, wealthier, and more spirit filled lives do so because they are aligned with their True Nature.

Now, maybe that’s because they know how to interpret their nature through the gift of guidance and intuition; or maybe they simply never got lost on the path of their lives. Either way, it is always the ones aligned with their TRUE NATURE who succeed.

Girls & Women, this is Precisely Why I am Writing Blog Entry Today.

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Because most girls and women don’t take personal inventory of their lives they will continue falling victim to fate and missed opportunities, watching their lives spiral out of control, you get to celebrate knowing you are in complete and total alignment with the abundance of life’s opportunities!

The true purpose of taking an honest inventory of yourself is to understand the SELF – your True Self as revealed in your spirit. The only way to gain successful alignment is to be honest with yourself.

As you read this blog post ask yourself….

Which “Twin Soul” Story Best Resembles Your Life Right Now?

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What story have you been living? The story of the first Soul, who remained aligned with her true spirit and self … or the second, who has struggled far more than she ever deserved.

I mean, we’d all clearly like to be the successful person in the story…

We’d all like to say that we have embraced our self, our true destiny. We all should be living life as the child with abundant dreams and aspirations. Yet all too often, I talk to girls and women exhibiting tell-tale signs of that second soul… the one who just can’t seem to catch a break.

And it doesn’t matter how hard they try to change it.

It doesn’t matter what job they have or how often they work out or how loyal they are in their relationships…

These “should be successful” women talk to me and they tell me that they are feeling frustrated, unappreciated and undiscovered.

And it’s because they know. They know that their path as gone astray somewhere.

They know, regardless of what current circumstances they may be living, they were meant for something considerably more: A different career perhaps, or a different relationship. Or in many cases, an entirely different life!

They just don’t know how to bring that reality to life.

So, while they might long for something bigger and better, like wealth or passionate love, greater health or abundant bliss, they still cannot seem to can’t catch a break.

And the reason is because they are out of alignment with their true self… each one these girls or women are unique and beautiful.

They Start to Believe Their Desires Just Aren’t Possible …

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Now, it’s certainly easy to understand why they believe what they believe. after all, when you’re constantly running into obstacle after obstacle, it’s hard NOT to get discouraged.

“Maybe I’m supposed to struggle,” you start thinking … “Maybe Fate just isn’t on my side … Maybe the life I dream about just wasn’t meant to be…”

The question is…. why? Why can two people with equal gifts and equal opportunities experience such different outcomes?

And why isn’t your desire alone enough to get you to where you want to go?

Well, contrary to popular opinion, it has nothing to do with luck or fate or anything of the sort, so let’s just put that to rest right now. AND… while I’m sure you know that what you believe has an enormous effect on what you experience, it’s clear that just thinking about success is NOT enough …

Which means that there’s something else at play here. A missing ingredient that’s keeping you from achieving all your deepest desires.

Here’s the Missing Ingredient:

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You were made by a higher power and you were given unique gifts. The problem is that you’re not aligned with your true self. Now, when you do align with it, life can finally start flowing exactly the way it was always supposed to flow!

I know that might sound like a bunch of new-age “fluff” so let me be clear: If you’re not being true to yourself, you’re not going to see the results you want, plain and simple.

  • How, for example, can you have the career you “desire” when you don’t have the money for the schooling you need. You might now have the experience required to secure the position?

  • And how can you earn the money you need for the schooling when you can’t advance your career?

This “Catch 22” is a common dilemma, and on the surface, it can often seem like a no-win situation. So, let me say this loud and clear.  Being true to yourself doesn’t just mean knowing that you are it means
following your path, aligning with ALL your energies with the resources and the right people. You need experienced someone complimenting you, you know you have talent. The main problem is your own self-esteem. You have too much negative self-thought and negative self-talk. You need to stay open to all the positive attraction the universe has to offer.

The reason is because many girls and women are out of alignment with your true potential and true self…  And the great news is … that’s much easier than you’d think!

It’s Your Success

I’ve been an advocate for girls and women for a very long time. And during that time, I’ve learned that there are three kinds of people: those who believe in the power of self-directed success, those who don’t and those who require “proof.”

Now, those who fall into that third category want to believe (after all, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t give self-directed success a second thought!) Unfortunately, society has taught them that isn’t “real.” Thus, they’ve learned that self-directed success will not work for them. This doesn’t work for them, so this life success formula can’t be trusted. The truth is believing in self is the key to success. You must be extremely patient, and you must have an unwavering work ethic.

Yet, despite these teachings, they know there’s something more… And more importantly, if they can find it, they can finally end the frustration and start creating the life they were truly meant to live!

So, when they ask me for proof, I point to what they already know.

Humans have been looking for positive outcomes since the beginning of time.

Think about it …

You can find traces of positive thinking in every single religion, every single society, and every single culture that has ever existed. Pharaohs and Kings only made important decisions (about war, their land or their people) by first consulting their spiritual guides. Without it, many decisions would have never been made. Presidents and world leaders have sought non-traditional guides to solve global problems (and many will tell you that secretly, they still do today!)

Now It’s Your Turn!

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The Law of Attraction information was once a held secret by those who closely guarded its power. This is now easy to grasp for yourself, thanks to advances in internet technology.

Just imagine what’s possible for YOU once you hold the power of your destiny in the palm of your hands!

And I want you to imagine it, because even now, with all our technology and all our evolution as a species. Continue to use positive thinking combined with the Law of Attraction. This will continue to play a HUGE role in your future success and positive existence

Right now, we’re now in a powerful energy shift. There’s a shift taking place on a higher level…

To some, this “shift” looks like anarchy. They say the world is falling apart and that mankind has lost its way…

But the truth is, we’re just now finding our way. And all that chaos is nothing more than the growing pains of our evolution! But the truth is, we’re just now finding our way. And all that chaos is nothing more than the growing pains of our evolution!

In other words, you’re no longer just a walking dead girl or women. You are going to do more than being along for the ride…

It’s your time to co-creating your reality with the Universe, and doing it precisely the way you were uniquely designed to do it! And trust me … that’s exactly how you will want to face this coming Shift of the Ages.

Imagine having the ability to minimize (and even avoid!) conflict… to easily overcome obstacles and in some cases, even turn those obstacles around so that they benefit you!

And imagine how it will feel when …

You Can Finally Take Control of Your Own Destiny

Imagine being able to take advantage of every opportunity that crossed your path … To be able to stop worrying about tomorrow because you’re having way too much fun today.

Imagine creating and attracting the reality you most desire (instead of merely settling for whatever life throws your way). That’d be quite an impressive feat, wouldn’t it?

Plus, you’d never have to feel unappreciated or undiscovered again. This is the kind of reality that positive thinking combined with the Law of Attraction can give you.

Join me on my Sunday conference calls, so I can guide you through this huge positive shift, I’ll show you how to make that reality your own.

Your Personal Guide of Discovery and Transformation

Wouldn’t you like to gain total control of your life, just as I’ve helped so many others before you?

Remember the Twin Souls I spoke of at the beginning of this letter? They were born in the exact same moment, and had the exact same energies, yet their results were so very different …

What made the difference was the alignment with self … it is always what makes the difference!

See, young and older women really want to know:

“How can I finally have the life I am dreaming of?”

Now, they might ask that question by referencing their income, or they might be focused on their love life or their job or their life path, yet they’re really all asking the same thing…

How Can I Finally Have the Life of My Dreams?

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And I believe that the key is in your alignment.

Put very simply, if you go through life working against your own probable positive outcome. There will be continuing obstacles and challenges. When you’re in sync, it will turn around! When you focus and turn your energies into achieving your dreams and goals.

Now, as I said before, finding that synchronicity is much easier than you might think. In fact, it’s a basic two-step process:

Step 1: Figure out which energies you need to be working with.

Step 2: Decide how best to put those energies to work for you.

The first part of that formula is very straightforward and honest. Implementing this new attitude can help you identify the energies you were born with.

The problem comes when we get to Step 2…

After all, how are you supposed to know how to put those energies to work?

I mean, clearly you need to take certain actions.

And that’s where most of the girls and women I talk to get stuck.

I’m Thinking, This Might Be the Challenge You Face …

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So, let’s change that right now!

Let’s take the guesswork out of knowing what to do with your future. Create a clean and complete “Blueprint” for your life.  This blueprint will go beyond telling you that you are a beautiful god-fearing girl or women.  Become the simplistic description of who you are “supposed” to be …

Let’s create a blueprint that helps you achieve all your deepest desires by revealing exactly how to work with your profile to attain the best possible outcome!

Our Sunday night conference calls will help you create a blueprint that will show you how to open doors of opportunity… and how to overcome and avoid those pesky obstacles that have been holding you back…

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