Blog 27-I Love My Readers / Visitors / Buyers

My goal is to let my readers, visitors and buyers know how much I love them.

I believe that:

  • Strong website content

  • Respecting my readers, visitors and buyers and

  • Improving response time

will separate my blogging company from other online blogs. My online business success isn’t 100% dependent on the quality of my company’s products or services. Other important success factors include building strong customer relationships and providing value.

My company loves our readers, visitors and buyers, I am committed to giving them the best quality customer service in the blogging industry. I want my readers, visitors and buyers to feel valued. The merchant-customer relationship is sometimes a thankless one. I know that doing a little something extra for our readers, visitors and buyers can result in a positive online customer experience.

It’s very important that my readers, visitors and buyers love my products and services. When my online readers, visitors or buyers are happy with their buying experience many will sing my company’s praises to the world-wide web.


In the world of blogging I understand that my company must earn my readers, visitors or buyer’s trust.

Here are my customer service initiatives.

1. Be Personal. It’s my company’s priority to feel my readers, visitors and buyer’s pain. I will acknowledge their feelings and quickly accept responsibility for any issue. Most online readers, visitors or buyers are remarkably forgiving if you acknowledge how they feel and give them credibility. I won’t run or ignore my readers, visitors or buyer’s problems.

2. Be Accessible. When customers are upset, they want to be heard. I will make sure that our company is accessible to our readers, visitors and buyer’s likes, dislikes, wants and needs.

3. Be Genuine. It’s important that our readers, visitors and buyers know that my company really cares about their happiness. My company will retain it’s humanity. That’s how my blogging company will compete with the larger and more established blogging websites.

4. Be Transparent. Online readers, visitors or buyers don’t like to be surprised, nor duped. When my company makes a mistake, I will ask my readers, visitors or buyers how my company can rectify the problem.

5. Creating a Referral Loyalty Program. My company believes in giving my referring loyal customers a 30% referral payment for referring new customers. I believe that our referral loyalty program is one of the most memorable ways to express my company’s love for our referring customers. I believe rewarding customers who send new customers to my company is a great way to earn new business.

6. Promote My Readers / Visitors / Buyer’s Businesses. Some readers, visitors or buyers own businesses or are bloggers. After researching each business and blog I will promote the businesses and blogs that are in alignment with my company’s culture. I love helping my fellow entrepreneurs succeed.

My company will continue to focus on customer relationships because I know that can help my blogging company grow exponentially. As a small online business owner, I have an advantage of being close to my consumer base. It’s my company’s initiative to get to know my readers, visitors and buyers better than any other big online business ever could.


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