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Question 1: What are Information Products?

Answer: Information products are the staple of online businesses. Information products include websites, blogs, how to eBooks, videos, product and services pamphlets, newsletters, attraction sales pages, pay to attend conference calls, pay to view online presentations and step-by-step membership sites.

My Website & Blog: Defines my business model, explains my business services and offers articles on career, job and life.

My 4-primary  information products:

-Business Blog:

-Company Website:

(Active on /3/1/18)

-LinkedIn Business Profile: 

-Pinterest Profile:

My Blog: has:

-Blog posts about my CEO life, my culture and my upbringing

I also have a paid service where I answer specific questions from my female subscribers.

-Self-help articles

-Female specific articles written by subject matter experts

-FAQ’s about the business model

-Articles about great women and women centered success stories

-Inspirational leadership and motivational quotes

Life Strategy Articles

-Financial Literacy and Time Management Articles

-Promote and encourage female entrepreneurship

-Facts on how to best grow a business

-Facts on how to strategically grow your career

-I have a Entrepreneurial Directory (we promote our member’s businesses)

-We connect our members to great online mentor content

-Articles from subject matter experts, business professionals and industry veterans.

I am a believer in self-help books, mentoring services, conventional and non-conventional counseling. I have questioned my faith many times; never to be disappointed in the answers GOD gave me. His answers were always sound and orderly. It led me to rid myself of ignorance and replace it with wisdom. “My definition of success”

“You need to develop the ability to step outside of yourself, be vulnerable, and see your own weaknesses. When other people see your weaknesses, its important not to defend them.  You have to fix what doesn’t work to produce abundance and happiness”

                                                                                                                            -CEO/ Courage Card For Girls

My entire life I have constantly had girls and women ask me “Dear Abby” type questions. People have always been comfortable in confiding in me. I have been told that I am a great listener who was non-judgmental. I now realize that’s my talent!

Example of  crazy questions people have asked me.

-A. A total stranger on a plane asked me: “Do you think I should get a vasectomy?”

-B. A girl acquaintance asked me: “Do you think it’s weird that I know my husband fools around and I don’t mind?”

-C. A girl acquaintance asked me: “My husband doesn’t make enough money, what should I do?”


Please send all questions to my personal email:

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