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1. This website’s purpose is for all girls to know, if you have gone astray, there is an enlighten soul to show the way.

2. One day you wake up and your life has gone beyond you. You say to yourself, how did my life become such a mess?

3.  Girls today have been taught to put value on the superficial things in life. Few girls have put value on life principles that are meaningful.

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4. Family traditions can be positive. Following a sound religion can be empowering. Sometimes family traditions and restrictive religions can be a negative doctrine. Many rigid matriarchs, patriarchs and churches can be repressive, constraining and confining. It’s not healthy when your individual ideas are not accepted by family or organizations.

5. Love is not suppose to be a chore. Love is warmth, tenderness, intimacy and attachment

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6. True love never manipulates you.


7.  Your Current Situation isn’t your permanent destination.

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8. The Definition of Courage: The ability to do something that frightens one.

“Many times, in my life, I have faced very difficult and painful situations. I have found the strength to stand when I wanted to crumble”.

-CEO / Courage Cards for Girls

– A Great Courage Video / It Will Make You Smile!

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9. My Definition of Success: “Ridding myself of ignorance and replace it with wisdom”.

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10. “You need to develop the ability to step outside of yourself, be vulnerable, and see your own weaknesses. When other people see your weaknesses, its important not to defend them.  You have to fix what doesn’t work to produce abundance and happiness”

-CEO/ Courage Card For Girls


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